Federal and Provincial Governements are supporting projects that will benefit the environment

The environmental sector in Canada is very active. The Federal and Provincial Governments are supporting R & D projects that will benefit the environment, reduce pollution and promote recycling. Progress has been made in developing new technologies that will reduce the total carbon footprints.

According to figures from Agriculture Canada, there is in Canada alone close to 2100 hectares of greenhouses and each are using from 24, 00 to 70,000 litres of fresh water per day and reject in the environment from 30 to 40% of that fertilized volume.

The new process will permit the re-use of fertilized solutions for large scale hydroponics farming. The reduction of reject is in the 95 to 97 % range. This could represent a saving of over 16 million litres per day and reduce the consumption of fertilizers by 10 tons per day. The impact on the environment is important.

On the world scale the estimated greenhouses surface is over 1milion Ha .Countries where water supply is limited could get immediate benefits from this Canadian technology.

Already the Quebec’s Agriculture Ministry is financially supporting farmers to install this system.

It was developed in Joliette- Quebec by Aquasolution Technologies Inc.