Brisson Science Corp is now also a US based Company

Delaware USA – Brisson Science Corp. is now registered as a US based Corporation.

This will allow to better serve the US market. An exclusive licence agreement for the rights derived from the patent application will be signed shortly.

The new advance UV sterilization Protector Ray systems will allow for large items such as wheelchairs, walkers and orthopedic instruments to be automatically sterilized in minutes including contamination with Covid 19 The Company will seek FDA certification.

NRC is raising funding for Aquasolution

June 30th 2020

Aquasolution Technologies Inc. received today a confirmation that NRC is increasing their financial support for the Covid 19 project This fresh injection will now raise the funding to $ 200,000

Aquasolution will use the new funds to proceed with their Health Canada application. The Company will also apply for FDA homologation.

USA-CAN Patent applied for

june 22 th 2020

AQUASOLUTION filed today a patent application for their new large Ultra Violet sterilization system. The patent agents Norton, Rose, Fulbright instrumented the filing.

This was made possible with partial support from NRC .

The patent would properly secure the intellectual property of the invention and ease exportation.

Within 12 months AQUASOLUTION will have the option to file for European or Global patent.

NRC is extending support to AQUASOLUTION for Covid 19 Project

june 8 th 2020

NRC has been extending technically support to AQUASOLUTION with it’s Covid 19 R & D project since the beginning. The industrial counselor Christophe Charbault announce today that NRC would also add financial support to the project.

An budget of 50,000$ was authorized to support AQUASOLUTION

This will allow for immediate job creation to speed up the development of the new technologie and bring quicker support to the Covid 19 crisis.

COVID 19 Initiative

08 April 2020

Aquasolution launches a Covid 19 project with two long time collaborators. Certilab Inc a reputable ISO certified laboratory and Aluquip Inc a specialized metal fabricator.

Aquasolution has been implementing Ultra Violet sterilization units in potable water systems since 1985

The R & D project will focus on designing a state of the art large irradiation chamber unit with very dense UV dose. The system should be mobile and Hospital friendly.

The new system will support Hospitals and long term health care residences capacity to increase Covid 19 mitigation capacity.

Full computerized process monitoring will allow a self serve version for Residences.