Our Vision

AQUASOLUTION is totally engaged in producing high technology integrated water treatment systems. These units are modular and simple to operate. They do not require a technical formation.

To do so the firm commit itself to:

  • Build on a custom basis top quality equipments with high lifetime service. Use only corrosion resistant or treated materials
  • Maintain within the systems wide safety margins.
  • Integrate redundant components to assure a continuous service.
  • Assist the operator with an adapted level of technical support and to provide him with all the necessary informations
  • To promote the education of rural population for good hygiene practices, rational use of the water and health measures.
  • To sustain at a local level, organisations who share our goals and ideology on water quality.
  • To maintain for the owner and operator on the WEB site a secured access to his file using his own language.
  • To sustain at the school level, the teachers who dispense water related education with pedagogic material.
  • To maintain on the corporate WEB site educational links on water quality and usage