AQUASOLUTION announce the creation of a new disinfection system for the fertilizing solutions of greenhouses – FERTISOLUTION

Joliette, September 3rd  2010– AQUASOLUTION Technologies Inc. in Joliette announce the publication of the FERTISOLUTION reference document on the AGRI-RÉSEAU website.
AQUASOLUTION invested in research and development to create a new system for treatment of water intended for the hydroponic commercial cultures. The goal is to protect the quality of the environment and to offer a reliable technology made in Quebec that is economically viable. The profitability of the system is attributed to the fact that it reduces the discharge of the fertilizing solution in the environment by as much as 95% to 97% and reduces the grower’s fertilizer purchase by as much as 35%

The FERTISOLUTION system is ready for marketing and awaiting patent certification.  The unit can be utilized for various horticultural and hydroponic productions. It will be branded for export under the trade name NutriMiser. The device includes a programmable controller which remotely monitors the disinfection process. The unit is permanently connected to AQUASOLUTION’s head quarters using a 24/24 internet connexion to ensure smooth operation.

For more information, please contact : Pierre-Félix Brisson
Tel. : 450 755 1255

To consult the FERTISOLUTION system document and/or to obtain more information regarding the recovery process of nourishing solutions, the steps and the components; please refer to the complete FERTISOLUTION system information document published on the AGRI-RÉSEAU website.

AQUASOLUTION is a company well implanted in Quebec, with twenty five years of experience in manufacturing of water treatment equipment. AQUASOLUTION participates in the technological development of several customers in the Quebec Great North, Panama, Guatemala, Salvador, Algeria and in Ivory Coast.

AGRI-RÉSEAU is a public service, project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec (MAPAQ) and of the Reference Centre of Agriculture and Food-processing of Quebec (CRAAQ) to facilitate the broadcasting of the information with scientific or technical character.

New Irrigation System for Commercial Hydroponic Culture

AQUASOLUTION Technologies inc., located in Joliette, Quebec, specializes in the manufacturing of customized equipment for water treatment.  AQUASOLUTION has created a system for the recycling and the reuse of leachate water from commercial hydroponic cultures. Identified in the market of Quebec under the name of FERTISOLUTION, the technology helps recuperate 98 % of leachate water normally wasted.

AQUASOLUTION’s commitment to research and development has resulted in the development of the first genuinely effective system that also offers the possibility of recycling rainwater and snow thawing water.

“The FertiSolution system provides a 30 % reduction of the purchasing cost of nourishing elements for the producer. By increasing productivity, the Quebec producers will not only benefit from a short-term return on their investment, but also lower the overall transportation costs of chemicals needed.” said Pierre Félix Brisson, president of AQUASOLUTION.

This Quebec innovation is completely automated and autonomous.  The unit is remotely controlled via internet. The functioning parameters, debits and other measurements are registered and analyzed daily. Solution optimization is made possible by day-to-day communications with the customer. The multiple barrier concepts eliminate bacteria and harmful viruses, and preserve the chemical integrity of the nourishing solution.

All of the components of the system are intended for usage in strenuous environments. Moreover, the duplication of the processes enhances its reliability. AQUASOLUTION TECHNOLGIES Inc. will market the FertiSolution system abroad under the name of FERTIMISER.

The FertiSolution system sustains the efforts of the producers committed to the reduction of their horticultural imprint. By reducing greenhouse emission from fertilizer transportation, FertiSolution minimizes energy cost and the impact on the environment.

AQUASOLUTION is a Canadian company based in Joliette, Quebec, with twenty five years of experience in manufacturing of water treatment equipment. AQUASOLUTION currently participates in the technological development of many customers in the Great North of Quebec, in Panama, Guatemala, Salvador, Algeria and in Ivory Coast.


Contact information: Pierre Félix Brisson, +1 (450) 755-1555,